Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First lady aims to trim American waist sizes


Benac, N. (2010). First lady aims to trim American waist sizes.
CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal, 182(9), E385-E386.

First lady Obama, the nation’s nutrition nanny, is aiming to end
American childhood obesity. She is trying to change the children bad habits to
the healthier ones. According to Benac, nearly one-third of the US children are
overweight or obese. For that reason, Frist lady Obama had started her campaign
under the logo of ‘Let’s Move’ which tended to fight obesity of US children.
Let’s Move campaign’s goal is to recruit the children’s food providers, such as
parents, schools, food manufacturers, to provide healthy food and help to
change the children’s habits of eating. On the other hand, contests with money
prize are made to encouraged video games designers to design games that make
children eat and exercise. On the political side, Obama’s administration had
suggested US$10 billion over 10 years for healthier school lunches. Throughout
Obama’s campaign, she claims that obesity would not end unless parents, schools
and communities work together.  


I agree that obesity is a major problem with children. I think if
we do as Mrs. Obama said of working together, we would help our children to
change their eating habits. Also, we know that today most children like video
games and if these games changed to be games that need a player’s movement such
as the Wii, it would helpful for the children to exercise. I believe that the
government must care about children obesity problem because if the next
generation lifecycles is less than the current one that means this nation is
coming to end sooner. Finally, why the government could not be strict of junk
food providers and let them serve freely the bad food to our children?

Fight Hunger


Ayres, B(2010, Dec.07). Fight Hunger! Retrieved 04 December
2010 from CNN:


            In this article, Ayres, the co- founder of WhyHunger, talks about the new service called National
Hunger Hotline which is a National Hunger Clearinghouse. This service was
created because of the hunger that affecting more than 50 million people in the
U.S. This service made the assistance to get food for hunger much easier than
before where assistant from the service act immediately to response to those
who call for food and shelter.


            This article to me is wonderful news because I hate to see anyone
in hunger. This gives me hope that still there is good in this world. I hope to
join such an origination to help people to live better. We are human and we
must help each other and not to fight each other to make the world better






Wood, M. (2010). HEY MOM, WHAT'S FOR DINNER?.
Agricultural Research, 58(3), 6. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier

            In this article, Hughes claims that feeding styles of 3-5 years old kids have the
greatest effect on their obesity. Also, she indicates that if those styles
become well known to the researcher, they would be able to help parents and
kids to stop obesity. She examined to groups of feeding styles. First group was
the permissive one which has two styles, indulgent and uninvolved. The second
group was having more structure with two styles, authoritarian and
authoritative. Hughes and her colleagues found that the kids whose parents'
feeding styles were either indulgent or uninvolved ate the least fruit. Whereas
for those kids who are their parents' feeding styles were authoritarian and authoritative
ate 100 percent fruit juice vegetables. Finally, the researchers found that the
least eaten foods were those which help to lose weight.

            I believe that parents must be educated to know what
is best for their kids. Also, I agree with Hughes that feeding styles having
the greatest influence on kids obesity and their behaviors and habits of
eating. On the other hand, kids cannot be forced to eat something they do not
want, so we have to find ways to make them love the healthy foods. In this way,
we do not have to watch them all the time when eating healthy foods becomes
their habits of eating. Finally, kids always listen to their teachers in school
more than their parents at home, so why do not the schools adopt educational
programs about the healthy foods for kids and educate them with their parents
from time to time?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family program fights anorexia

Fiore, K. (2010, Oct. 4). Family program fights anorexia. Retrieved 05 October 2010 from Medical News Today: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Pediatrics/EatingDisorders/22548


According to the article, the family-based treatment for anorexia is better than individual therapy for keeping young patients away from anorexia.  As reported by Lock, the difference between the family therapy and individual therapy is significant because more patients of age 12 to 18 years who had been involved in a family program were free of anorexia a year later. Family therapy was better at the end of the treatment program but not during the follow-up. According to researchers, the family therapy is better if the parents are not willing to be involved otherwise individual ; therapy, is better. After all, the study made by researchers was during one year and the sample of patients was small. So they are wondering if the program goes for a longterm, or if the sample was bigger, then statistics may change and their decision also may change


I believe that group work is always better than individual. What I mean is, when you are in a group you will always find someone involved with you and you will encourage each other at the most difficult times. So, I am certain that family programs would be better than individual therapy. with respect to family and their effect on the each other, I think if the parents have control on them selves they may control their kids regarding their eating habits. After all, it is rare to find healthy parents with unhealthy kids and vice versa  

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Obesogenic" America: Nine States Now Over 30 Per Cent Obese, CDC


Paddock, C. (2010, Aug.4). "Obesogenic" America: Nine States Now Over 30 Per Cent Obese, CDC. Retrieved 28 September 2010 from Medical News Today: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/196849.php


According to this article, 30 percent of the American Youth have become fat. This percentage has been reported in nine states: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia. As said by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American society has become “obesogenic” because of the environment that support over-eating, unhealthy food and physical inactivity. On the word of CDC Director Dr Thomas, obesity is a challenge to the public health and must be addressed continually because it leads the society to sickness and dying from obesity related causes. On the other hand, obesity cost 147 billion US dollars as medical cost with an increment of 1429 dollars of normal people (CDC report). 

            I am disappointed by the news that comes in this article because I always thought that American society was healther than other societies. Obesity is one of the major health problems in my country where government pays billions for medical treatment because of sickness and diseases related to it. I feel sorry for those who cannot help themselves and get out of their obesity and I do not want to be like them in the future. In that way, I care too much for the health of my family and me. I always say that food is to help you live but not to live for food.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Schools add healthy eating as key to student success


Rudder, T (2010, Sebt. 20). School add healthy eating as key to student success.From Herald-mail, Retrieved September 22 2010, http://www.herald-mail.com/?module=displaystory&story_id=253195&format=html


In this article, "Schools add healthy eating as key to student success " by Trish Rudder, he explains the effort done in the Morgan Country School to make students change their nutrition behavior to eat healthy food along with their academic progress. According to Rudder,the school's superintendent David Banks and Gary McDaniel were the brains behind designing a strategic plan to address these challenges.After three years of herd work of Morgan Country School's staff,the plan has success ed.The students accepted the new menu of the healthy food in the school's cafeteria and the affected their learning performance.

This article is inspiring and gives hope that change to a better life is always possible if we work for it. However, this change will take a lot of effort to make it happen especially if this is a change to something different from our daily habits. Changing food habits to food that has better taste is easy but healthy food usually  not easy and this is the challenge of change. I believe that people behavior and activity are directly affected by their food habits. I can see this in my children after each meal we take. If the food is healthy, they would be active but without damaging things in the house. Also, if they eat unhealthy food with for example more sugar they would break everything. The third case if they eat unhealthy food like McDonalds, and they would be inactive all the day.   

Friday, September 17, 2010

Animal-based protein diets increase mortality rate

Hagan, C.(2010, Sep, 06). Animal-based protein diets increase mortality rate.Retrieved September 07 2010, from CNN Health Web Site:

According to this article, Animal-based proteins and fats increase mortality rates while plant-based proteins do not, as indicated by some health studies.Studies have found a direct link between eating animal-based food and red meat and cancer death. In addition a malor clinical study research found that iow-carb, high protein diets have lots of benefits for health such as weight loss. as well as will as improvements in lipid brofiles, reduced inflammation and better blood sugar control,

I like this article because it gave me new information about risks of animal-based
food and how I can keep my health better and away from harms and still getting the sameamount of proteins without eating animal-based food. I thought that disadvantaes of animal-based food are onely concerned with fat, butthrout this article i was shocked to know that is directly connected to cancer.